Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Taken by Tartan!

So there’s a lot of tartan tainting the stylish streets around the world as we go into winter.

A timeless print that can be worn in a number of ways to suit different looks or styles, be it the more youthful urbanite or those looking for a more classic chic look. Tartan comes in a number of colours, though the red tartan stands out as the popular choice for most, with the ivory green tartan also being seen, but feel free to play around with which ever colour tickles your fancy.

Best worn with black leather, and lace up boots, be sure to match this punk print with some red lipstick, to round off the outfit.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Get Polished!

I must say, I am really fond of the line of nail polish by Essence, not only for their range of colours (a shade for every one of my moods), but for the brush. The brush is shaped differently to most, it makes application so simple and don’t get me started on how quickly it dries!

So this weeks colour is called English Rose, a dusty berry pink shade that’s got me warming up to winter, an easy shade to wear, as it goes with most of my wardrobe and now if I can find a lipstick to match this colour, my winter will be made!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

First Thursdays

Whether you're an art enthusiast or someone who has never set foot in a gallery before, First Thursdays is a fabulous way to experience the cultural wealth that Cape Town has to offer. The city centre comes alive on the first Thursday of every month, as lots of art galleries and stores stay open 'til 9pm.

Pick a starting point and find your way around (more maps HERE)... maybe we'll bump into each other in all that fun and share or snap a pic!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Black 'n Blue!

WKND Social Vibes!

This weekend, the city saw an influx of jazz lovers from all over the country for the Festival that was held here in Cape Town. For some of us, namely me, this meant steering clear of the city centre, as I’m not one for overcrowded situations, alas, this didn’t happen (not that I’m complaining), with friends of mine making up some of the said influx.

I got to meet up with The Other Girls when they were down here; and if you still don’t know, they are the force behind the fashion lover’s brunch The WKND Social event in Joburg, known for its “good food, good people and good music”… I can’t wait for the event to one day come down to Cape Town, but in the meantime going to Jozi for the next one will just have to do!

Tickets are limited so make sure you CLICK HERE to get them quick!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Burgandy Kiss

As the nights get longer and temperatures drop, my nails find it hard to hang on to that scintillating summer spirit that makes me smile... with them taking a walk on the darker side of life, I just had to plaster on this Burgandy Kiss shade from Maybelline's Color Show range by Colorama.

A shade of burgandy so dark, it almost looks black... interesting cause that new navy is also like that, (oh, anyone know where I can find that shade nail polish, let me know, please!), but I must say I love Maybelline nail polish, the consistency is great and it dries quick enough, which is great, cause that means no smudges (^^,)!

Not quite looking forward to this winter, and my wardrobe hasn't quite caught on to the transition into winter yet, with my simply throwing a cardi or denim jacket over my summer duds, in time though right... #sigh

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Go for Glass!

Plastic containers are a daily norm, be it a plastic bottle you keep your water in, plastic container you pack your lunch in or plastic bags you carry your groceries in. As often as we use them, I found I don’t really know much about the stuff I put my healthier food in… honestly I thought people used glass bottles for water, simply cause they looked prettier, but nope!

We all grew up thinking plastic was our friend, I mean with brightly coloured brands like Tupperware being so popular with our moms, how could it not be? But in all honesty, in the long term it really isn’t. The truth of the matter is that plastic is made from toxic materials and using these over and over again can cause the toxins can leach into whatever its holding and when eat or drink what has bits of these toxins in them, it can cause serious health problems; not necessarily today, but further down the line, ranging from cancer to infertility.

The solution to this is going with glass containers. It may seem impractical and costly, because if you drop a glass bottle it won’t just roll off, but you could be helping an older you dodge a cancerous bullet. Small, simple changes to one’s lifestyle, can make it healthier, even if it is only slightly.

If you want to read more on reasons to steer clear of plastic, GO HERE!


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