Thursday, August 21, 2014

Creative Corner*

So lately I have been struggling to sit and right or get together what I need to for this little blog of mine and it's mainly because work and life has just gotten the better of me, but I have to admit it's also because I don't have a good space to write in... I mean, I love my couch but it gets my fingers in the mood to click on the remote rather than type type on my keyboard. 

I've figured I need a desk space, that will help get all my creative juices flowing, and naturally I took a dive into the deep end of the internet, and after hours of clicking through what felt like a gazzillion pretty pics (I won't lie, I got distracted by some stylish outfit shots), I feel I have a pretty good idea of what I think I want to do lol... doesn't sound very convincing I know, but take a look...

So I basically need a desk with some storage space... I smell a few DIY posts coming on... otherwise if any of you have some hints and tips, please do let me know! 
Will keep you all posted.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dark Olive

So my nails have been on a bit of a hiatus... not that i've gotten tired of chopping and changing nail shades, but now and then, like everything else in life, you just need to give it a but of a break.

Black has been my go to nail shade this season, with it working best with my dark wardrobe, its easiest to wear day and night. so when I came across this dark olive shade from Essence cosmentics, I was like (**,)!!! 
The green colour, kind of looks black when wearing and doesn't show too well unless in the sun or you focus, which is great for me, cause Lord knows I dont have much in my closet that goes with that, but I totally looooove it!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rain! Rain! Go away!

This beautiful city that is my new home can be kind of weird and differnt at times, like the fact that only in this region of the country does it rain in winter. As if dealing with the cold wasn't bad enough, I have to deal with getting wet as well, cause umbrellas dont always work down here as well, with the wind and all, it tends to rain sideways (I know, right!).

One thing that helps me get through cold & rainy days, like today, has to be my dark olive green Hunter boots, waterproof and amazingly comfy, I can walk fearlessly through the valley of puddles!

Though I have somehow managed to get used to the rainy winter days, I must say I am more than ready to see them go, I am more than ready for summer time fun.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Great Girls Go Glam!

Second Saturday of our Great Girls project and the excitement has far from settled since our first 2weeks ago!
With our morning session touching on CV's and an introduction to Labour law, we had a very heavy start to the day. Lots of notes and questions asked, not only by our wonderful young ladies, but some of us as well, who even with having being in working environments for a while learnt a thing or two.

After a much needed lunch time break, our girls broke open the Glam Boxes, which included cosmetics gifts from Essence SA and  Catrice SA for the girls to use when learning basic techniques on make up application, suitable for the office and to go with their office-ready outfits; with the helpful tips of Fashion Director Bronwyn Day & Beauty Director Michelle Brownlee Smith from Glamour Magazine

All that they learnt came together when the time came for them to get photoshoot ready at the end of the day, for pics to use on their CV. I think it's safe to say it put a bigger smile on the teams faces to see our girls looking all professional and done up... just the thought that, all this could give them that foot forward in landing a job one day.

Follow our journey through the program: 
twitter @GreatGirlsCPT | facebook @GreatGirlsCapeTown | instagram @GreatGirlsCT

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Louboutin Nails!

The first bits from the Christian Louboutin Beauté line are nail polishes, so naturally then, the first nail color to be announced is a chic, red number, called Rouge Louboutin, as perfectly fitting as their shoes. The Rouge Louboutin varnish went on sale recently, and I'm kind of excited, but the thought of spending over R500 on a pot of nail polish hmmm...

Another 30 other nail shades are due to drop any minute now and the Louboutin Beauté team is also working on five nail-art designs, which we’re all waiting in nail-biting anticipation to see. As I look down at my nails typing at my keyboard, I can’t help but think… stiletto nails just got a whole new meaning!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Flashback! #FF

So this passed weekend, was the launch of the Puma Select Joburg store, which I shared with you guys here and here are some pics from the actual event...

The people of PUMA South Africa (@PUMASouthAfrica) just seem to know how to get the people going, I'm sure its safe to say that after the awesomeness that was the Puma Social Club we all have a soft spot for them and they just never dissappoint, with both the events they hold to bring us all together, as well as the creative merchandise they make for us.

Be sure to go on down to the new store on the corner of corner of Melle and Juta streets, Braamfontein.


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